The Bed and Breakfast Gardens

Surrounding the Bed & Breakfast are garden beds and plantings. With the original idea of being display gardens for our perennial nursery, the gardens have become an ideal backdrop for weddings and all of our outdoor events. They also provide year long interest with plantings visible through the winter. Guests are invited to walk the grounds.

The largest bed began as a rock garden. While it still contains an area with many lovely little alpine plants, it also has some maturing conifers as well as a large variety of perennials including daylilies, asters, coneflowers, baptisia, butterfly weeds, and sedum of several sorts. Shrubs in this bed include spirea Ogon, butterfly bushes, sumac Tiger Eye, and caryopteris.

Planted in the south facing foundation beds are peonies, Siberian iris, roses, daylilies, phlox, and grasses. Here also are spirea, potentilla and hydrangea. A beautiful fountain urn is  located in the courtyard behind the house where shade loving and shade tolerant plants are found. Fragrant Avocado hosta along with several other varieties of hosta is planted there. Also Lily of the Valley, pulmonaria, ferns, several varities of hydrangea and campanula can be found as well.

Anyone interested in shade gardening will also love the display shade garden near the greenhouse. On a slope large pines and box elder maples are brunnera, variegated Solomon’s Seal, columbine, trillium, bloodroot, native and European ginger, Twinleaf, hosta, ferns, Jacob’s ladder, lamium, and epimedium.

Each year the gardens grow larger and changes are made. Last fall over a hundred pots of grasses were planted in addition to many hydrangeas.

For more information about The Rock Garden Nursery please see our website.